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Irving(Bud) Lyons is named the new Operations Manager - Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Bud Lyons brings over 30 years experience in low voltage installation and service business to Concept Electronics. In his own words he follows a simple and universal commitment to "just do the right thing". He is a true boy scout at heart and we are happy he is here with us. And congratulations to his son for making Eagle Scout.  

David Bochicchio is Promoted to Systems Engineer! - Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thanks David for your dedication and hard work for us and our customers.  We are proud to have you in ths position and have already seen an improvement in service to our customers and our job installation department.

David has been with Concept for over four years as a lead field  technician and job supervisor and has a very rounded knowledge of special electronic buiding systems. Before that he spent another fifteen years in similar industry positions.  We enjoy having him in the office now and look forward  his success.  (And his wife, Penny, cooks an awesome corn dish at Thanksgiving!)

Glenn McCullough, President



Stephen Hoffman is promoted to Eastern District Project Manger! - Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations Stephen for your great work in the field.  Stephen has been with Concept for more than six years and proven himself a leader in technical detail and troubleshooting.   I are very happy to see him move up!

Glenn McCullough, President



Intelli-site by OSSI is introduced - Monday, May 23, 2011

The ultimate PSIM software platform is available and Concept Electronics has received factory cerfication and training.  This Physical Security Information Management System software brings together building automation and security subsystems from multiple manufacturers into a single unified, functionally enhanced, monitoring and control environment.  Its user definable GUI allows users to create their own intuitive display and control environment. 

For more information, call 225 927 8614 and ask for a Systems Sales Engineer.



Brandon Fontenot Promoted to Project Manager - Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Congratulations Brandon!  Concept Electronics appreciates your dedication to our customers and project management.   Brandon takes care of our customer installations West of the Atchafalaya Basin and we have received countless customer raves.  He is a tremendous individual and a pleasure to work with.  

 Glenn McCullough - President


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Welcome to the New Concept Electronics

Founded in 1968 as an electronics solution provider, Concept Electronics, Inc. has been providing businesses, government and institutions with systems for labor management, communication, control, security, and safety. 

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Evangeline Downs Casino, Hotel, and Event Center Sound System and Fire Alarm with GUI Control
About Our Products and Services

We have full time in house staff that can furnish product application selection, installation design, installation, service, and maintenance contracting.   Concept Electronics is an expert integrator capable of interconnecting systems to reduce the number of user interfaces and software platforms, easing operator use and reducing the time needed to input new data.

Automated payroll and punch clocks and supplies, master clock systems, access control systems, identification systems, parking control and revenue systems,  intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire detections and alarm, clean air agent fire suppression(FM200 and Halon), mass notification, voice evacuation,  public address, sound reinforcement, boardroom sound, school and facility intercom, digital signage systems, media retrieval systems and other specialty systems are systems with which we can help you.    

The driving force behind our long success is that we provide support year after year after year. Having had a strong market presence since 1968, we are able to develop and maintain long term relationships with only top tier manufacturers. We demand they provide us with long term technical and product support as part of a mutual agreement to represent their products.  

All vendors go through an application process before we agree to use their products or services.  Their performance is continuously monitored and then reviewed by top management.  This is only one of the processes involved in our UL certified ISO 9000 quality management system. 


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